Pop-up venues and other restaurants?

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Are pop-up venues like Stack Newcastle more popular than our favourite city restaurants?

I’m sure we’ve all noticed a transformation in Newcastle city centre in recent years: from the remodelling of Eldon Square’s food court to the £3.2 million ‘village green’ investment plan for Northumberland Street. To say the city is becoming a more enjoyable scene for both residents and tourists would be a massive understatement, and the opening of pop-up venues only reinforces that argument.

Stack Newcastle on Pilgrim St for example, has become the go-to creative hub for entertainment, culture, work and play. The container village itself houses many different brands and has been a huge help to independent businesses in the area — especially restaurants.

Although we’re seeing a spur of new foodie hotspots emerge within Stack, the wider city centre has witnessed some closures. This poses the question, are more people looking for a unique experience at Stack rather than the average visit to one of our favourite restaurants?

We put that question to the test here at Fuse Media and looked at online searches to find our answer. Using Google’s Keyword Planner, we compared the term ‘Stack Newcastle’ which has 5,400 monthly searches to some of the most renowned city favourites.

Looking at The Chronicle’s Top 12 Restaurants To Put On Your Bucket List For 2019 article as a reference, we ranked the monthly searches for the venues included:

  1. ‘Blackfriars Newcastle’ — 2,900 monthly searches.
  2. ‘Aveika Newcastle’ — 1,900 monthly searches.
  3. ‘House of Tides Newcastle’ — 1,300 monthly searches.
  4. ’21 Newcastle’ — 1,300 monthly searches.
  5. ‘Pani’s Newcastle’ — 880 monthly searches.
  6. ‘The French Quarter Newcastle’ — 880 monthly searches.
  7. ‘The Bridge Tavern Newcastle’ — 590 monthly searches.
  8. ‘Peace and Loaf Newcastle’ — 480 monthly searches.
  9. ‘Zucchini Newcastle’ — 320 monthly searches.
  10. ‘Simply Greek Newcastle’ — 260 monthly searches.
  11. ‘Beirut Lounge Newcastle’ — 260 monthly searches.
  12. ‘Uno Newcastle’ — 260 monthly searches.

As you can see from the data above, ‘Stack Newcastle’ has more searches per month than some of the leading competition in the area. Some will argue that Stack Newcastle offers a bit of everything and is supposed to be an experience, but that’s exactly what these restaurants in the area need to be doing if they want to survive.

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