Data Connection in 24 Hours

Commercial property owners, and their agents throughout the country can look forward to almost immediate data connections thanks to a rapidly deployed data solution provided by fuse[media].

Traditional data connections using cables or fibre, can take up to 12 weeks from placing the order to the installation works being carried out. This can delay the completion of a lease or the occupation of a commercial property by a new tenant.

The fuseconnect solution provided by fusemedia can bridge the gap by establishing a data connection within 24 hours of order, by utilising enhanced 4G network capabilities and access control platforms.

This allows the tenant to take occupation early and operate without delay. The tenant can move in swiftly meaning the landlord can begin receiving rent payments considerably earlier than they would if they had to wait for a traditional data connection to be installed.

Once the cable or fibre connection is complete, the fuseconnect equipment can be removed or if required, left connected to provide a backup connection.

The fuseonnect solution can also be used to provide data connections on construction sites, media and events and other remote locations where traditional cable and fibre use is impractical or cost prohibitive.

To find out more about fuse[media]’s products and services or to get your property connected fast, get in touch or call 0330 333 1166.


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