Good Luck to Hanna Stodel as the Round Britain and Ireland Race Commences

Fuse would like to wish Hannah Stodel good luck as she competes in the Round Britain and Ireland race…

This will be her biggest offshore race so far, and it’s renowned for being a tough one! It’s over 3 times the length of the famous biennial offshore yacht race The Fastnet.

The competitors set sail on Saturday 11th August 2018 with the first night seeing several yachts damaged and two being forced to retire from the race. Hannah’s own yacht the Region Normandie broke a halyard right at the start, but crew member Quentin Bes-Green climbed the rig to fix the issue: “We didn’t get the best start in the world,” commented Hannah. “We will complete this race and this has made us very, very aware of how important it is to keep the boat together.”

Keep up to date with what the teams are up to and follow Hannah’s yacht the Region Normandie on the tracker, RACE TRACKER.
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