How Guest WiFi Can Help You Let Your Commercial Property

Customers want nothing more than an experience when they visit a store. Unfortunately, some businesses haven’t moved with the times and have failed to implement strategies that will keep customers interested. As a result, brands have been forced to shut their doors and enter administration on the high-street which has led to a number of vacant properties on the market.

That’s not hard to believe either, as the UK has suffered from a massive decline in recent months which has been notoriously documented in the media. While it might seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for retail on the high-street, there is a way to entice brands back into physical stores; and if you have an empty property standing, there’s a few things that you can do to make it more appealing to them.

The secret to success on the high street

Customers are looking for something more than the norm when shopping offline and that’s what big brands haven’t delivered. If you’re looking to set up on the high street, you need to offer something different that they can’t find elsewhere — from your competitors to your own online store.

Depending on the type of business you run, there will be different ways that you can make each customers trip more personal. This can range from in-store kiosks that allow shoppers to see the availability of products they need and make an order, like Argos, to hosting in-store learning sessions like the Apple Store. It’s important to be as creative as possible to capitalise on the interest of your customer. If they find your story enjoyable, chances are they’ll want to return.

Another consideration should be guest Wi-Fi. Everyone who enters your store now expects to be able to connect to the internet and this could be a great opportunity for your business. With this, you’ll be able to advertise to them efficiently — as they’ve already shown interest to your brand by entering your store — with special offers and services they may not be aware of. Everyone loves a good deal!

What makes your commercial property more lettable?

There are a lot of factors which will make your commercial property more attractive to brands looking to expand their operations. An important consideration will certainly be the location — as they want to be present in a place that will  guarantee customers. If you have an empty property in a lucrative city centre, then you’re already one step closer to securing a letting agreement with another business.

With more businesses  looking to create an unforgettable experience once a customer steps in store, it’s important that you give your tenants flexibility in design. Whether this is creating new sections/rooms within the building, or completely transforming the current layout, if you give them the opportunity to work with what they’ve got, chances are they’ll attract more customers, increase their sales and ensure their survival on the high street. Why is this important? Because their sales will line your pockets when it comes to the occupation of the building.

Data connectivity is another big area of focus for many retailers, and some cities have better connectivity than others. If your building is positioned in a good location, you shouldn’t have an empty property for too long though.

You still have a chance to survive on the high street, despite the  digital takeover!


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