Leading Cities In The UK For Data Connectivity

There’s a lot that you must consider when it comes to an office space for your business — from how much it costs to rent to the proximity to transport links. However, these two massive factors come after one thing: data connectivity. It’s 2019, and all modern businesses require a stable network to ensure their teams can carry out their day-to-day tasks online.

Naturally, when you’re on the hunt for a new office space, you will think more of both the visual and financial aspects. Everyone wants a swanky office that doesn’t cost too much! But, if the strength of data connectivity is not addressed at the beginning stages of property searching, then you’ll be doomed from an operational perspective in the future.

Data connectivity rankings differ throughout the UK, meaning that some cities are more connected than others. Fuse Media takes a closer look at the top 10: combining mobile, broadband, and WiFi hotspot rankings to show businesses where they’d perform best in terms of data strength.

CityConnectivity RankingMobile


Broadband RankWiFi Hotspot Rank4G CoverageAvg. Download SpeedPeople Per Hotspot

It’s no surprise that London copped the top spot for connectivity as the capital continues to thrive as the leading business hub. This was shortly followed by Manchester, which has a well-known, innovative, digital scene. Although we’ve documented 4G connectivity above, the UK is set to introduce 5G to create a faster online experience in 2020. Currently, the system in place allows around one gigabit per second of data transfer. Experts predict that 5G will offer around 10 gigabits per second.

There are many companies helping build 5G’s telecommunications network. Recent news surrounding Gavin Williamson who acted as Defence Secretary was fired by Prime Minister, Theresa May, for leaking information that Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies would play a limited role and supply the UK with the necessary equipment.

Evidently, the UK is only becoming better in terms of data connectivity. With this in mind, businesses and landlords of the future will be able to benefit massively whether this be doing their work or selling properties.

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