Raise your WiredScore

Anyone involved in commercial property over the last few years can’t have failed to witness the buzz and popularity of the WiredScore Certification system.

The system was launched in New York in 2013, travelling across the Atlantic to arrive in the United Kingdom in 2016. Since this time, WiredScore Certification has quickly established itself as a trusted mark for a buildings digital connectivity.

Certifications are ranked from uncertified, certified, silver, gold and the highest ranking, platinum, which is attributed to only those buildings and developments offering the very best and exceptional connectivity.

Accompanying the certification process WiredScore also provide guidance on how to improve upon current ranking.

With the increased popularity of the WiredScore certification for commercial properties, fuse[media] have a brand new service aimed at implementing the WiredScore recommendations in existing commercial properties, in order to improve and enhance the properties certification ranking.

Through their extensive knowledge of the data infrastructure and connectivity combined with their commercial property expertise fuse[media] are well equipped to provide an in depth service to implement the recommendations arising from the WiredScore certification process.

The aim is to help and assist the landlord achieve an improved score with minimum disruption and cost.

To find out how fuse[media] can improve your properties connectivity and increase its WiredScore certification ranking, get in touch or call 0330 333 1166


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