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The high street is dead. Long live the high street

Day in, day out, as the airwaves are filled with Brexit, impending doom and the possible need to stockpile tins of beans and toilet roll, we are also in mourning of the death of the high street.

But it’s not actually dead. Shopping is an experience, and we love an experience. What makes that experience is not sitting in a 20 minute traffic jam on a roundabout waiting to get in the narrowest space, before being blown about by hurricane Retail Park as you rush from shop to shop. That’s where we’ve gone wrong. No one wants that.

But…. with local councils offering free city parking after hours, and a huge public transport push, coupled with a mix of large store chains, independents, box parks, theatres, cinemas, art galleries and restaurants, who wouldn’t want to head to the high street and make an experience of it?

Consider online clothes shopping. With inconsistencies between brand sizing how many items do you actually keep? ASOS’s recent 87% profit drop suggests not much.

It’s time to take the high street back as our own and get back out into the big wide world.

We’re not saying the Internet is dead though, many stores such as Next have ‘collect in an hour’ services so you can check the size range in advance.

We can also compare restaurants, working the happy hours, finding which one does the best kids meals, and who keeps the lunch menu on the longest.

It’s time for the high street and the internet to cement that partnership, and complement each other rather than locking horns.

Fuse Media can help get the high street back to form. We offer empty property rates mitigation and avoidance solutions and can also advise and support on making the empty property more attractive to potential retail tenants.

We also offer waiting room Wi-Fi, where customers can access the internet for free enabling the coffee shops, restaurants and businesses to hold those customers in just a little bit longer. That’s proven. This also enables the business to advertise their goods and offers.

I mean, who wants to take their laptop and work on the M25 ring road when you have the windows of a beautiful, historic town coffee shop to look out of, whilst being served freshly ground coffee and a slice of carrot cake the size of your grannies doorstep.

It’s time to seize the experience, and get back into the middle of what we love about our towns and cities. Fuse Media can help you with that.

Long live the high street and get in touch to find out how we can help.


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