How Guest WiFi Can Help You Let Your Commercial Property

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It’s 2019, and customers want nothing more than an experience when they visit a store. Unfortunately, some businesses haven’t moved with the times and have failed to implement strategies that will keep customers interested. As a result, brands have been forced to shut their doors and enter administration on the high-street which has led to […]

Paving the way for social hospitality

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Coffee in a cafe

Over the last five years, Wi-Fi has moved from being a perk to an expectation when the average person is out and about. It’s a common amenity necessary to fulfil our connected lifestyles. Free Wi-Fi can usually be accessed by all in larger scale shopping centres, meaning that the big chain coffee shops and restaurants […]

The high street is dead. Long live the high street

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Day in, day out, as the airwaves are filled with Brexit, impending doom and the possible need to stockpile tins of beans and toilet roll, we are also in mourning of the death of the high street. But it’s not actually dead. Shopping is an experience, and we love an experience. What makes that experience […]