Why construction sites benefit from cable free data

A stable and secure high-speed data connection is an essential requirement for the modern construction site of today. The ability to access cloud based applications and to rapidly transfer data between the site location and head office can vastly increase productivity and significantly reduce the time spent on tasks.

In addition a reliable and stable connection can reduce paperwork which in turn allows companies to reduce wasted time and resources which will result in streamlining the progress of the construction process. The data connection can also be used to access security cameras, upload large files and transfer data. However, due to the temporary nature and differing durations associated with construction projects, a data connection can be difficult to find and establish.

Traditional wired methods of communication such as fibre, broadband and ADSL require lengthy contract periods and can take up to 16 weeks from order to install. In addition, projects located in remote areas may have no access to wired communication methods.

A wireless solution is the perfect solution, in recent years speeds, reliability and coverage have taken huge leaps often providing better connectivity than the traditional wired methods.

Wireless methods also provide flexibility in the location of the the site cabins. The need to change the location of the site office will not necessitate an engineers visit to re-route cables.

4G LTE offers the perfect solution but don’t confuse this with the use of a 4G dongle of the tethering of a smart phone where range is limited and data cannot be easily monitored.

The Fuse Media 4G LTE solution uses a multi-sim router, combined with high gain external antennae and the use of wireless access points (AP’s) can provide full data coverage to all site cabins and offices. All data use is monitored to ensure data limits are not exceeded and overage charges are not incurred.

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