Why Wi-Fi?

From old car parts to used mattresses, we’ve come across no shortage of weird and whacky ways to mitigate business rates – but we believe there’s a better way.

We’re committed to providing only the most efficient method of mitigating business rates – using wi-fi.

Discrete and secure, our scheme comes with a number of benefits and insurances to maximise your savings.

Is wi-fi any better than just filling up my space with boxes?

Traditional methods of mitigating business rates involve filling the space with physical objects, but this just adds a significant obstacle between potential tenants and the space they’re trying to see.

Using wi-fi enables us to keep your property clear of clutter, giving potential tenants the much-needed space to visualise how they might use it.

Not only that, all we need to do to install is plug it in and turn it on. It’s that simple.

But is it secure?

This method has been tried and tested on numerous occasions, and is based on sound legal precedence.

What’s more, to offer the most risk-free scheme possible we monitor the connection 24/7 to ensure that any outages are swiftly dealt with.

With a 100% success rate, the proof is in the pudding.


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