For Empty Commercial Property

The Fuse Media business rates mitigation and avoidance solution involves the occupation of any empty commercial property for a period of six weeks or more.

We install advertising equipment in the property and transmit advertisements over a free Wi-Fi network. Meanwhile, any passer by or neighbouring occupier who connects to the free Wi-Fi network is initially greeted by our advertising media. Because we occupy the property for six weeks or more we create a ‘beneficial occupation’ in the eyes of the local authorities business rates department.

At the end of the occupation period we vacate the property. As a result, we triggers an entitlement to a further three (six for industrial) months business rates relief. However, if the property is still vacant after the rates free period, the Fuse Media business rates mitigation and avoidance solution can be used again.

In addition, our solution is very discrete and does not involve any damaging works to the property. Similarly, none of the equipment requires mounting and fixing.

Our process is very simple and straightforward with limited input required from the owner or their agent. Follow this link to find out how the process works. The process.

If you have an empty commercial property and would like to know it’s rateable value follow this link.

Rates Mitigation

As the occupation of the property by Fuse Media establishes a beneficial occupation once the lease ends, the property will again qualify for empty property rates relief.

Unobtrusive Occupation

Fuse Media‘s solution is discrete and unobtrusive. The device itself is no bigger than a domestic router and does not require mounting or fixing.

Beneficial Occupation

Fuse Media‘s solution is located in the optimum position within the property thus establishing beneficial occupation.


If you have a vacant commercial property and are currently paying business rates then get in touch with us to find out how our business rates avoidance and mitigation solution can help reduce your business rates bill.

You won’t pay anything more than you are currently paying but by making a quick call or sending us an email you could save up to  66% of your current business rates liabilities.

Advice is free with no obligation to use our services.