Some Common Questions on our Rates Mitigation Solution

When do we get invoiced?

We will invoice you when we receive the final rates demand from the Council - this will happen once we vacate.

This ensures that you only pay us once we've successfully completed our occupation.


Who notifies the Council?

We handle all notifications - our service is designed to ensure that you don't need to do any of the work.


Is it legal?

Yes. There is ample case law to support our scheme and we continue to boast a 100% success rate. Contact us, below, if you'd like to see some examples.



Any more questions? Feel free to get in touch:


0330 333 1166

Success Stories

Landlord saving £2,402

2,432sqft Shop, Stockton on Tees

Landlord saving £3,264

2,590sqft Shop, Redcar

Landlord saving £2,010

504sqft Shop, Yarm

Landlord saving £2,249

2,044sqft Office, Gateshead

Landlord saving £887

790sqft Office, Durham

Landlord saving £5,349

3,132sqft industrial Unit, South Tyneside

Landlord saving £8,192

4,096sqft Office, Darlington

Landlord saving £4,624

4,159sqft Office, Gateshead

Landlord saving £4,285

4,651sqft Shop, North Tyneside

Landlord saving £16,241

6,607sqft Office, Redcar

Landlord saving £6,970

3,171sqft Office, North Tyneside

Landlord saving £2,407

1,428sqft Office, South Tyneside

Landlord saving £17,415

15,525sqft Office, Durham

Landlord saving £2,212

1,283sqft Office, South Tyneside

Landlord saving £3,124

2,893sqft Office, Stockton on Tees

Landlord saving £23,218

9,807sqft Office, North Tyneside

Landlord saving £5,470

4,005sqft Office, Wigan

Landlord saving £3,617

2,016sqft Office, Wigan

Landlord saving £6,809

3,811sqft Office, Wigan

Landlord saving £2,561

1,922sqft Shop, Newcastle upon Tyne

Landlord saving £33,149

17,936sqft Office, Gateshead

Landlord Saving £8,177

3,800sqft Offices, Plymouth

Landlord Saving £7,865

11,900sqft Office, Southampton

Landlord Saving £6,800

10,800sqft Office, Retford

Landlord saving £11,144

2,200sqft Retail Unit, Bromley

Landlord saving £3,804

3,300sqft Office, North Tyneside

Landlord Saving £139,200

38,000sqft Office, Reading

Landlord saving £67,525

30,000sqft Office, North Tyneside
Rates Mitigation

As the occupation of the property by Fuse Media establishes a beneficial occupation once the lease ends, the property will again qualify for empty property rates relief.

Unobtrusive Occupation

Fuse Media‘s solution is discrete and unobtrusive. The device itself is no bigger than a domestic router and will not hinder your ability to market the property for the benefit of obtaining a longer term lease.

Beneficial Occupation

Fuse Media‘s solution is located in the optimum position within the property thus establishing beneficial occupation. This is crucial in establishing a tenancy in the eyes of the rating authority.


If you have a vacant commercial property and are currently paying business rates then get in touch with us to find out how our business rates avoidance and mitigation solution can help reduce your business rates bill.

You won’t pay anything more than you are currently paying but by making a quick call or sending us an email you could save up to  66% of your current business rates liabilities.

Advice is free with no obligation to use our services.

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