Data connection: why you always need a back-up.

We pride ourselves on seamless data connection; it’s one of the key parts of our business. So, what happens when even the best laid plans go awry?

We came up with a quick solution for a live stream, with our friends at MCL Create, when there was a major network outage mid-event.

We set up on schedule and tested all of the equipment for a live stream, part of an event at the Michelin Innovation Parc in Dundee. The 4G system was working perfectly and performing well for the testing session, and we provided three levels of redundancy running on two separate routers. All testing was completed with no issues, with all three network options running to the required speeds we needed for the event.

We turned up on site the next day to prepare for the actual event. With two hours until show time, all equipment was tested, working well and giving us download speeds of 45Mbps and an upload of 15Mbps on the EE network, an excellent connection. With 30 minutes to go until we went live, we ran additional tests to ensure that the connection was still working, however, we noticed the router had failed over to the redundant SIM card on the Vodafone network.

The equipment was only now receiving a connection speed of 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload, not an ideal speed for a live stream and was a lot less than Vodafone had tested at.

With the stream now underway, this was being severely affected by this poor connection, with the stream dropping in and out. We then discovered that the entire EE network in the area had gone completely down, and this was effecting other networks too, with personal mobiles leaving users unable to make calls, texts or access the internet.

After five minutes of down time, we swapped the connection across to the third level of redundancy, on to the O2 network on a different router.

Although this was slower than the other two initially, once we moved to this connection, everything became a lot more stable and we finished the last 30 minutes of the live stream without a hitch.

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