Secure Wi-Fi with inbuilt advertising and marketing capabilities for.

Create a free or premium Wi-Fi network in any location with our secure Wi-Fi solution. It  allows you to engage with customers, advertise productss and promote additional services whilst simultaneously collecting key demographic data and behavioral insights.

The data collected can include the name, contact details, date of birth, interests, frequency of visits of your customers and visitors plus much more.

The use of this data can help build better customer profiles and enable bespoke and personalised marketing campaigns to be created.

By using the guest Wi-Fi network in this manner it becomes a means to generate additional revenue and increase business.

Do you have an empty commercial property?

Empty commercial property owners can also benefit from establishing a free guest Wi-Fi network within their properties. Advertise the property to passers by and neighbours whilst also reducing the business rates bills.

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Fully managed Wi-Fi solution allows customers to access the internet whilst they wait.


Advertising portal to raise awareness of special offers and services.

Quantifiable Results

Review and monitor log-in and usage statistics.