Enhancement and Improvement Solution

Fuse Media’s WiredScore enhancement and improvement solution provides any property owner, or their agent, the ability to improve their properties Wired Certification level.

We look at the recommendations and suggestions made by WiredScore in terms of the usefulness, cost and disruption to the building.  As part of the WiredScore enhancement works we will obtain prices to carry out the works.

Fuse Media will then produce a report detailing our own recommendations together with pricing options and timescales. We update WiredScore throughout the process to ensure any proposed WiredScore Enhancement works achieve the desired outcome.

We organise and managed all works and following their completion contact WiredScore to obtain the revised certification level.

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WiredScore is a platform for landlords to share information about the connectivity of their building. It has been designed to collect information about internet connectivity and infrastructure of commercial office buildings with a view to helping tenants identify properties which meet their data requirements. WiredScore subsequently make the information available to businesses looking for office space.

WiredScore rate buildings from non-certified, certified, silver, gold and the highest rating, platinum.

The Wired Certified Platinum rating means the building is best in class across all features of connectivity including; the number and quality of internet service providers, redundancy and resiliency of telecom infrastructure, ease of installation and capacity to readily support new telecom services. The building will also support all current and future tenants with the most stringent technology requirements.

Get more information about WiredScore by following this link. WiredScore


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Wired Certified Silver Image
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Fuse Media have an extensive knowledge of the data infrastructure and connectivity fields. In addition, we are also experts in commercial property. This means we are well equipped to provide an in depth service to implement the recommendations made by WiredScore process. Above all, our aim is to help and assist the landlord achieve an improved score with the minimum disruption and cost.



Once the landlord or agent receives the WiredScore certification and Audit Report they send us a copy together with the Picture Summary, if provided.


The landlord or agent confirms the certification level they wish the building to achieve.


We will review the recommendations detailed in the Audit Report and assess the practicalities of implementing each recommendation based on the physical attributes of the building, geographical constraints, network restrictions and any other relevant factors.


We will obtain prices for each recommendation from data providers, networks, other data specialists and contractors.


Once the prices are obtained we will provide an implementation report which will detail not only the costs of each recommendation but also the most practical method of achieving the desired certification level. This will include selecting the recommendations which are least disruptive to the operation of the building, the most practical to achieve and the most cost effective.


If the landlord or agent is happy to proceed we will make the necessary improvements to increase the WiredScore Certification Level.


Working closely with WiredScore we will obtain approval to our proposals prior to commencing any works. Once our works are complete, WiredScore can be contacted and advised of the improvements made. They will “review the updates and adjust your Wired Certification if you have qualified for a higher level at no cost” Source: https://wiredscore.com/uk/frequently-asked-questions/


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